Confidential Project Site No. 1 Channel Spillways Design

Client: SRK Consulting 

Location: Arizona  

7,000+ ft of channel  

800+ ft of spillway  

3 Spillway Types Evaluated 

3 Channel Armoring Types Evaluated 

18 Total Design Options 

SRK Consulting is providing mining-closure services for a confidential site in Arizona and utilized Riley for designing surface stormwater control structures (i.e., channels, spillways, culverts and stilling basins) associated with reclamation at four sites around the mine. Multiple design options consisting of varying spillway and channel armoring types were evaluated at each of the four sites. The multiple design options included evaluation of a wide range design flows ranging from the 100-year flood event to the Probable Maximum Flood event to minimize risk to the surrounding community while restoring hydrology to pre-mining conditions. Tradeoff analyses were performed, considering factors such as capital costs and risk mitigation, allowing the client could make confident decisions moving forward into final design and construction.